9. Maintenances


To keep the system healthy we need sometimes to interrupt the platform for maintenance. In this page you will find:

  • the current status of the platform & the maintenances log
  • our downtime policy

9.1. Maintenance windows

9.1.1. Current status

Up and running

9.1.2. Future maintenances

Status (Scheduled/Unscheduled) Date (start / end) comment

9.1.3. Past maintenances

(most recent first)

Status (Scheduled/Unscheduled) Date (start / end) comment
Scheduled 15/02/2021-23/02/2021 New Spider release. See Maintenance instructions

9.2. Policy

All Spider users are notified in advance for the scheduled maintenance windows. Exceptions to this policy are made in the following cases:

  • Urgent changes are needed for the continuity of the platform
  • Patches for high-risk security issues

In these cases, the changes will be applied as soon as needed, even outside maintenance windows.

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